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Heywood Neighbourhood Wardens

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Neighbourhood Wardens - Number
Who We Are ...

The Heywood Neighbourhood Wardens are a specially trained, friendly team who will look after the community on the streets of Heywood. We hope to be a reassuring presence on the streets - a real help to you, the community. We are not a replacement for the police service.

We Will ...

- Act as the ‘eyes and ears’ of the community

- Listen to your concerns and complaints

- Raise your concerns with the right people so that we can get things done

- Report suspicious behaviour to the police

- Give practical help to residents who are having neighbourhood nuisance problems

- Engage with the youths in the area

- Help in environment clean-up campaigns

- Report any problems with street maintenance to the appropriate people

- Visit vulnerable residents

- Help young people to build a stronger community

- Visit new tenants and explain what we do; and

- Fit locks, chains and spy holes to dwellings

- Patrol the streets at times between 8 am and 10 pm, Monday to Sunday.
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The Neighbourhood Warden Team

Steve Morris - Superviser

Ann Murphy - Office Manager

Stan Barber - Warden

Dave Godley - Warden

Janell Noon - Warden

Danielle Bownas - Warden

Alex Gill - Warden

Steve Dwyer - Warden

Emma Scott - Warden

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