New Heart for Heywood - A New Deal for Communities Partnership

Countdown to Heywood’s Health Connections/Joint Service Centre
The site for the Health Connections/Joint Service Centre is located in the centre of Heywood Township and incorporates the existing library and civic centre and is a part of the redevelopment of the town centre of Heywood.  New Heart for Heywood New Deal for Communities Partnership has been actively engaged in the development of this scheme and, subject to final approval, will make a significant financial contribution to the scheme.

The centre will deliver a modern mixed-use One Stop Centre for both health and local council services.  This centre will encompass all the services already provided by the statutory health agencies and will also include provision for services to be transferred from hospital settings by 2008.  The amenities will also enable community groups to access meeting rooms, IT facilities, library resources and general social and community activities.  The joint service will be a focal point in Heywood and is expected to be a landmark building of which the local community will be proud

At Heywood Township Meeting in March, the PCT agreed to provide a timeline for the project. This is printed below:
Timeline for Heywood Health Connections/Joint Service Centre
The Health Leisure and Youth Theme Group to be held at 7pm at Heywood Township on Thursday 17th May, will provide an opportunity for the PCT, RMBC and NDC to clarify how the community will be engaged in the development of the Heywood scheme to include the appointment of a Heywood Health Champion who will be responsible for representing the Heywood community on a Design and Development Group, alongside a NDC Resident Director.

The PCT together with a representative from Eric Wright Construction Ltd will be in attendance to discuss the next stages in designing and developing the scheme.

Sheila Hill, Chair of the Health, Leisure and Youth Theme Group saidWe know that many Heywood residents have difficulty in accessing health services and for many it means several bus journeys. We therefore look forward to being able to access local services here in Heywood. We understand that the new Health Connections Centre will provide access to a wider range of health services locally and help improve health and wellbeing. 

We also understand from the information provided by the PCT that the new centre will incorporate:

- S
ome services that are currently based in hospitals

Out-patient services

Signposting of information and advice

Self-help groups

Alternative therapies

Out-of-hours services

I hope there will be a good turnout at the meeting on the 17th – it’s an opportunity for residents to have their say on what they would like to see in the new centre.”

Adrienne Curran, NDC Resident Director Lead for Health added This is an opportunity for Heywood Residents to find out more about the new Health Connections Centre to be developed in Heywood.  Representatives from both the PCT and the developer, Eric Wright Construction  will be in attendance to hear the views of residents -   we need to make sure that residents are fully involved in the development and design of this project so that it meets the needs of Heywood community."

Colin Lambert, Chair of Heywood Township said “delivery of the health connections centre is crucial to community service for health. The move to community provision can not be delivered without a dedicated health centre-this includes the reconfiguration of health services across Greater Manchester.”

For further information relating to the Press Release, please contact Vicki Devonport at Heywood NDC on 01706 694500