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Social Investment Fund
The Social Investment Fund (often referred to as the Vol Pot) has been set up to support local community and voluntary organisations that are from or benefit the people of the NDC area. 

The main aim of the fund is to help increase the number of residents involved in community activities and organisations.
A Panel, of local representatives, meets regularly to consider applications for funding.  Projects will be considered if they:
  • Add to the number of people from the NDC area joining or using an organisation

  • Improve facilities so more people from the NDC area can use them

  • Support new activities to attract people from the NDC area

  • Support existing activities in order to encourage new members/maintain existing membership

  • Support ways of encouraging volunteers to maintain their involvement

  • Increase the number of volunteers in the NDC area.

You can now also download the Application Form for the Social Investment Fund.
If you require any help with the form then contact Jean Palin.

Social Investment Fund Application Form

Trips and Events Application Form

Guidance Notes

To view a list of groups that have received Social Investment Fund Grants since September 2003

Social Investment Funded Projects

For further information call
Jean Palin, Social Investment Fund Co-ordinator on (01706) 694506 ext. 306